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Taira Natasaka’s (1780-1850)  Turtle,  housed in Te Papa Tongarewa (Museum of New Zealand) in Wellington -

Taira Natasaka’s (1780-1850) Turtle, housed in Te Papa Tongarewa (Museum of New Zealand) in Wellington -

1) the curved path of a celestial object or spacecraft round a star, planet, or moon, especially a periodic elliptical revolution. 2) an area of activity, interest, or influence.

orbit /ˈɔːbɪt/

turtle /ˈtɜː(r)t(ə)l/

Frequently depicted in popular culture as easygoing, patient, and wise creatures. Due to their long lifespan, slow movement, sturdiness, and wrinkled appearance, turtles are an emblem of longevity and stability in many cultures around the world.


Reflecting our etymology, Orbiturtle aims to foster a growing global community of musicians and artists by offering a platform for the sharing of ideas, knowledge and arts practices. We're passionate about music and art and believe that they can play a powerful role in building a more engaged and empathetic world. Great art offers new perspectives, fosters creative thinking and transcends language barriers to forge new relationships and integrate disparate cultures and communities. 

By working with an international network of arts practitioners and facilitators, we hope to develop an expansive system for mutual growth and exposure. We're particularly interested in the artistic and aesthetic collision of: East/West, Sacred/Secular, Ancient/Modern, and Audio/Visual art. By co-creating new work inside the scope of these collision points we aim to communicate beyond barriers of culture, belief, time and medium. 


Orbiturtle is an artist run organisation, founded and directed by a group of established Australasian artists.

Ko Omura - Japan

Steve Barry - New Zealand

Dave Jackson - Australia


Orbiturtle is proud to work with an ever-widening community of artists and arts facilitators. 

Michiyo Yagi

Akihiro Nishiguchi
Tenor and soprano saxophones


Takashi Sugawa
Bass / Cello

Mike Rivett
Tenor Saxophone


Yutaka Watanabe

Tomokazu Sugimoto

Hiroshi Ikejiri

Koichi Sato


The Orbiturtle network includes a growing ambassadorship.


Dee Wood


Ko Omura


Steve Barry


Dave Jackson


Orbiturtle is excited to be working with outstanding organisations such as:


Orbiturtle is grateful for the support of a number of leading industry figures.

Don Kibbler

In 1988 Mr. Kibbler was made a Member of the Order of Australia for his contribution to Australian-Japanese relations, and was subsequently made a Member of the Order of The Rising Sun by the Japanese Emperor in 2006.

Mr Kibbler is the founder of the Cowra Japanese Gardens.

"A project like Orbiturtle represents a very real opportunity to foster further diverse, long lasting relationships in the ongoing cultural exchange between Australia and Japan, as well as within the greater Asia-Pacific region.

I am happy to enthusiastically endorse this project, and look forward to following its progress in the years to come."


Mike Nock

Recipient of the 2014 Don Banks Music Award, 2009 inductee into the Bell Awards Australian Jazz Hall of Fame and 2003 recipient of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM), Mike Nock generously wrote the liner notes for Sakura.

"A truly democratic band, all four players have successfully merged their strong musical identities into the group dynamic, displaying great textural variety and thematic cohesion throughout. All four musicians share a deep knowledge and love for the jazz tradition, along with a conceptual curiosity and musical openness, which is strongly evident throughout this recording."