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Donations & Sponsorship

Having spent many years working and touring on shoestring budgets with our own independent arts projects, we're acutely aware of the financial pressures faced by many artists around the world when it comes to creating, presenting and promoting their work.

As an independent, not-for-profit initiative, all of our funding comes from live performance fees or personal investment, and occasionally from arts organisations or private philanthropy. If you have an idea for or are interested in supporting the curation of new creative work we gratefully welcome any donations or sponsorship; all funds go towards the costs of production, promotion and presentation of new art.

Donate to Fund New Art

As artists ourselves, we hold a small fee to cover the time spent facilitating and administrating the projects. Revenue from the products of Orbiturtle-curated projects goes straight back to the artists to support their work and help them create more art! We utilise a broad network of partnerships and emerging technologies to maximise the opportunities and exposure we derive from each project, and seek to offer an integrated online hub for the promotion of our artists and their individual activities.

All contributions are requited with recognition within the packaging, marketing and promotion of the final creative product as well as online through this website and other mediums.